Tailored to your taste and desire

A kitchen isn’t just a kitchen. It’s a centre piece, a sentimental and personal addition to your home’s interior.

Some might say, a house is not a home without a kitchen. It’s where you dine and entertain guests, where you spend probably most of your time when the interacting with your family.

Your kitchen is what makes your house a home and at Timbertown Kitchens and Glass we strive to tailored your kitchen to your taste and desire. Creating the environment that helps bring happiness and joy to all that enter it and entertain within it.

Timbertown Kitchens and Glass offers a wide variety of kitchen designs and styles including:

  • French Provincial Kitchens
  • Modern Kitchens
  • Classic Kitchens
  • Laminate Kitchens
  • Timber Kitchens
  • Polyurethane Kitchens
  • Country Kitchens
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Adding quality and value to your home

When building or renovating, a well designed high quality kitchen can provide a great return on investment for your home. With the many uses of the kitchen, it is imperative to design a kitchen that is both practical and appealing.

For potential buyers the kitchen is always of great interest.  A beautifully designed kitchen is a great investment for your home, since many home owners improve their chances of selling with a superior kitchen.

According to Darren Smith from Ray White Group,
“A well designed and furnished kitchen can highly increase the value and probability of sale of your home.”

Choosing a Kitchen Design and Style

Choosing a kitchen design that best suits your needs, lifestyle and tastes is a difficult task. A few important questions to consider include:

  • What kitchen style or look do you wish to achieve?
  • Will the new kitchen suit your lifestyle?
  • What colours, shades and textures will best suit the kitchen as a whole?
  • Will the kitchen surfaces, colours and style compliment and blend well with the rest of the house?
  • Will the surfaces be easy to look after and clean?

It is important to keep in mind that the style of your kitchen should be compatible with the rest of your home. For guidance on choosing the right design that best suits your needs, seek the advice of our professionals in kitchen designs at Timbertown Kitchens and Glass.

We will ask the right questions to figure out your needs prior to giving you advice, to be sure that we design the best kitchen for your family and your lifestyle.

What makes a good kitchen

A well designed kitchen takes into account the functionality of the design and layout of the room. The most common theme is the work triangle of the kitchen, where a majority of the work centres on the kitchen sink, oven and the refrigerator. When designing the kitchen layout, mindful positioning of these items for better workflow will increase the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen.

Good storage in the kitchen is fundamental to a great kitchen design. It should be given special consideration in order to reduce clutter on countertops and kitchen benches and to provide a safe and functional work space. A stylish kitchen will have an excellent colour scheme and great lighting to make it easier to work in. The best kitchen is a functional kitchen. Make sure your kitchen design suits how you really live.

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